Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dinner with Dr. Hannibal

Recently, I was invited to a cannibal-themed potluck dinner party.  Each person secretly selected a friend to model their meal after. I was assigned a friend who works as a researcher in the field of DNA. I have seen the genetically spliced mice (mouse and jellyfish) he brings out to school programs and came up with these meat pies.

Here's the fictional back story to go with it:

Driven by his insatiable appetite for human flesh yet fearing the ethical and criminal repercussions for indulging in his fantasies, Dr. C turns to his lab and begins his own series of mad science experiments. Taking his mice already spliced with the genetic material from jellyfish, he decides to incorporate his own genetic material by injecting it into the mice. The result is a growing lump of human flesh, not unlike a tumour, inside the mouse. 

The pies are made of beef ribs braised in wine, stock, and mushrooms. They were then put into pie crust with a pinch of real jellyfish (can be bought at most Asian grocery stores) and baked into little mouse shapes. The braising liquid was reduced then strained and heated prior to serving the pies. Each person participating had their own syringe with which to inject their mice with the liquid prior to eating.